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Illustrait Changes Essay

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Quadrant 1 illustrates change that is continuous
and convergent—it is slow, evolutionary, and not
(usually) the result of a specific episode or crisis.
Rather, in this quadrant minor system instability
leads to small adaptations that emerge from local
improvisation and learning. These convergent
changes take the form of continual updates to work
processes and social practices (Weick & Quinn,
1999) and occur within an existing frame, or “existing
archetypal template” (Greenwood & Hinings,
1996: 1026). Positive feedback encourages deviation,
learning, and adaptation, and loose connections,
which are common in systems with minor
instability, help keep the small adaptations local
and minimize the chance of the changes being amplified.
In Quadrant 2, change is episodic and convergent,
occurring quickly, as the result of a specific
episode or minicrisis. In this quadrant, the
need to overcome minor inertia drives incremental
change that usually takes the form of infrequent,
intentional replacements. That is, one process or
procedure replaces another. Negative feedback in a
system simultaneously highlights the need for minor
replacements and later acts as a force for restabilizing
the system. Loose connections among parts
of the system require that minor replacements occur
locally. Quadrant 3 depicts change that is episodic
and radical, or revolutionary, and that happens
quickly as the result of a major specific
episode or crisis. Negative feedback in the system
simultaneously highlights the need for a major replacement
and acts as a force for restabilizing thesystem. In this quadrant, radical change is undertaken
to overcome major inertia and takes the form
of a dramatic, frame-bending replacement, such as
a new strategy, structure, or top management (Romanelli
& Tushman, 1994). Tightened connections,
which are common when systems experience major
stress, require larger interventions (Weick & Quinn,
1999)—that is, radical...

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