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Image Essay

  • Submitted by: tiad27
  • on November 13, 2012
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“For it pleased god..to create man after his own image” This quote from genesis 1:27 demonstrates the key themes represented in the movie the Truman show. These themes include mans concept of creation and his purpose and meaning within it as well as the connection with an all powerful creator, who in this case steers Truman on a path that is of his own design. Another key theme is the idea of perfection vs. reality, this encapsulates the idea of a perfect life juxtaposed with the harsh reality that perfection is unattainable.

In the film, Christof is the creator of ‘The Truman Show’ he has sculpted Truman’s world and through this manipulation has created Truman as we observe him, this gives Christof a perception of a god like persona this is symbolised by his position high in the sky observing from afar even calling himself the ‘creator”. This also has some anti religious themes as Christof could also be seen as a tyrant, an oppression of free will and exploitation for nefarious gains. The idea of christof being a god like figure is demonstrated when Truman voices his eagerness to become an explorer his teacher says “your too late, there is nothing left to explore” stating that there is no world out there except for the one christof has designed for him.
Truman’s father is also ‘killed’ off in a boating accident leading to Truman’s fear of water, this accident of course orchestrated by Christof and essentially squashing Truman’s dreams of exploration and containing him with the use of fear not unlike a tyrant.   Christofs character can vacillate between his god like figure and a tyrant depending if he is pleased or displeased with the events, which transpire within the show itself.   For instance when Christof was displeased he went to extreme lengths such as Truman’s near death experience when he tried to sail away, whereas when he is pleased however Truman is allowed to carry on with his perfect ‘reality’.

The central theme of ‘god’ and...

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