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Immigration Myths Essay

  • Submitted by: paigedouglass
  • on October 19, 2013
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Immigration in America isn’t new; the action of individuals migrating from their country to the United States began as early as 1613 when the Indians first introduced tobacco to the recently settled English in Jamestown. However, throughout the course of 400 years, new laws, beliefs, and feelings have been constructed. The definition of race was introduced, legislation changed border control policies and assigned meanings to “whiteness”, and a fear of the immigrants themselves, and how their culture might dilute America became prevailing. Throughout these changed laws, beliefs, and attitudes, many American citizens became misinformed when it came to the topic of the history of immigration in the United States. Immigration has become a huge debate in the world today, and through the government and people of the nation, it has also become connected to a mosh pit of myths that continue dismantling these individuals from different countries. These myths have been constructed and shared throughout the country, and American citizens today who view immigrants as “aliens”, struggle to distinguish the differences between what is fact, and what is fiction.
Throughout history, America has held the reputation of being “the land of opportunities” and “the land of the free”. It is through these reputations that the idea of the American Dream prospered. The American Dream works side by side with the “self-made man” vision and the belief that success is solely based off of one’s merits, and if one is to work hard, they will succeed and begin to live a comfortable and satisfying life. With this in mind, immigrants from different countries come to the land of opportunity in search of jobs, security, and overall, a better life. However, as laws, including the Naturalization Acts of 1790 and 1795, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, and many other anti non-white laws passed, immigrants from many different backgrounds began facing the harsh reality that their race, nationality, and...

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