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Impact of Email on Professional and Social Communication Essay

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Below is an essay on "Impact of Email on Professional and Social Communication" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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Email has greatly influenced how people communicate in both, work and personal environments. However, there have also been many cons issues in addition to the benefits of using email in these circumstances.

On the positive side, the use of E-mail has improved considerably the efficiency in communication, for example coworkers or friends in different locations, can keep important time that was spent before waiting for the post service. Another benefit of Email is that gives the possibility to keep a record of professional or personal agreements, such as prices, discounts, appointments or responsibilities. Last but not least, Email also enables people to keep in touch with friends, where ever they are. For all these reasons, Email nowadays plays an important role in the life.

Turning to the drawbacks of Email, some matters need to be taken into consideration. Firstly could generate additional work to employees.   Some people have difficulties to translate ideas in the mind into words in a mail; therefore they can spend long time writing just few words, which means less time for other activities. Secondly, some people use the same Email account for both, work and personal environments, which often switch the attention of employees into personal issues. For instance, some people like to send jokes by Email, subsequently the employee read his email, and because is a very funny joke decides to send it to others, whom will be also distracted buy that. Finally, Emails normally go from one computer to another and to another, that makes it an easy way to transport viruses around the world.

In conclusion, Email has both advantages and disadvantages. To enjoy the advantages without being hurt by the disadvantages, people should have different Emails accounts for   professional and personal issues, trying to write as clear and short as possible and block the computer against spam mails.

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