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Impact on Internet to Entrepreneurs Essay

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The Internet is an extremely important new technology, as it helps to change the way we work, socialize, create and share information and organize the flow of ideas, communication around the globe. Today two billion people are connected to the Internet, and almost $8 trillion exchange hands each year through e-commerce (Manyika & Roxburgh, 2011). It is no surprise that it has received so much attention from entrepreneurs, investors and business observers as it has equipped businesses with new marketing tools, like online advertising and company websites (Porter, 2001). Internet changes the traditional way of doing a business. Traditionally, multiple large organizations have stronger brand recognition and enjoy economies of scale than new start-up firm. However, Gallo and Pont (1996) stated that, many entrepreneur firms can overcome the disadvantage of small size through use of technology, such as Internet, to reach consumers beyond their border. Internet has widely used by several business sectors because it is one of the newest media to reach buyers and sellers. The development and growth of the Internet has influenced on entrepreneurial ventures either in positively or negatively way.

Positive Impacts of Internet

Among the entrepreneur-led business, being internationally is positively affected by increased use of the Internet. Internet can improves business by widens the market opportunities and serves as a platform for expansion. It links everyone together; provide a medium of suppliers and consumers that can communicate easier. It helps shorten the time entrepreneurs have to wait until their business become success, thus return of investment could be faster leads to increase on their market growth. Internet improves greater information richness. More customers’ detail can be collected thus, allow these entrepreneurs to have better market targeting. They control most of the global uncertainly. They are able to access every pieces of...

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