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Incivility in the Public Essay

  • Submitted by: bmax10075
  • on October 5, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Incivility in the Public
Incivility seems to be appearing more frequently in our everyday lives. It may not be visible but Incivility impacts are seen in public every day. Incivility has negative effects. It can be a subtle comment, or it can be less than subtle, and can lead to devastating consequences. Incivility has become so common in the public that it appears in the schools, in supermarkets, and on the Internet.
In school incivility has become an everyday part of life. Everyone has most likely seen bullying or has been bullied in school. To illustrate, imagine a bully picking on some kids and people in the hall just walking by and ignoring the situation instead of intervening. The disrespecting of schoolteachers and staff is a major problem today. For instance, kids in school do not even blink an eye when they are disrespecting the schoolteachers and staff. Shootings in school are almost and everyday occurrence killing several innocent students a year due to incivility in the schools.
We all have experienced many acts of discourteousness in the supermarket. For example, a woman used pepper-spray on fellow shoppers in her rush to get a good deal on an Xbox 360 during Black Friday. A lot of shoppers are very rude towards the checkout workers if the checkout lines are really long. But then the checkout workers are sometimes rude to the customer. Stealing and vandalism are a major problem in supermarkets. There have been numerous times people have been caught stealing merchandise or committing vandalism. It happens in almost every supermarket daily.
The Internet can be a very hostile place today. Incivility appears on the Internet in many ways such as posing inappropriate pictures, posting profanities, and posting rude messages and comments. For example, people can now post anonymously and are able to say anything they want, sometimes with awful consequences, such as causing people to commit suicide. Even today profanities are posted all over the Internet....

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