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Income Support Services Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Income Support Services" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Application Paper
Charlotte M. Jones
Sociology in a Global Perspective – M1:A3
May 14, 2011

The Application Paper
Why do sociologists frequently use surveys?   There are six sociological research methods or procedures.   These methods are the case study, survey, observational, correlational, experimental, and cross-cultural methods, as well as working with information already available.   Of these, the survey is used most frequently by Sociologists.
A survey is a research method in which subjects respond to a series of statements or questions on a questionnaire or during an interview.   A survey typically targets a certain population, for example teenage mothers.   In taking a survey, it is impossible to study every teenage mother, for example, in a certain area.   Because of this, researches usually study only a sample.   A sample is simply a much smaller number of the population selected to represent the entire population.
Surveys are the most widely used of all research methods for sociologists because it is well suited for studying what cannot be observed directly.   An example of this is how a person might feel about racism.   A survey could be conducted with questions geared specifically about how one feels about racism.
Surveys are used more commonly to take a human experience and reduce it to a numerical value. It is important to do that so people can prove they are making informed decisions.   An example of this would be if you are testing a new version of Facebook.   One would do a survey of how they like the original Facebook and then take a new survey after the changes have been made.   You would then compare the results to see if the new version of Facebook should even be released.
What type of data do they receive from survey research? Sociologists conduct research on many different things, such as race or ethnicity, class and gender, and institutions such as the family; social processes and change; social problems, including crime and the...

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