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Indegnious People of North America Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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There are many differences and similarities of the indigenous people of North America.   For example, the people of the eastern woodlands experienced similar weather conditions as those that lived in the northwest part of the country.   They both lived in permanent structures made up of wood.   They also strived on the hunting of fish because of the availability of the water nearby.   But the eastern woodland Indians also grew agriculture just like the southwest and Midwest Indians.   Similarly they all grew corn, squash and beans.   Although the southwest, eastern woodland, midland and northwest Indians lived in permanent dwellings, they were all made of different types of material.   The southwest used dirt and clay to create 2-3 story buildings under cliffs, the eastern woodland Indians created their dwelling with trees as they used the barks to make their homes, while the Midwest Indians created mounds and built their homes on top of them.   The plains Indians were the most different on the types of homes they lived in because they lived in tipi.   Tipis are like tents that they can put up and take down as they travel the plains.   The plains Indians were also different from the rest as they hunted buffalo.   The buffalo provided them with not only food, but also the clothes that they were and the homes that they lived in were made of part of the buffalo.   One major difference that I noticed from all of the different groups of Indians is the type of artwork they all provided; southwest Indians weaved blankets and pottery, while the eastern woodlands created belts by weaving shells.   The Midwest Indians created copper sculptures and the plains expressed their art on their clothing, tipis and head gears.   Lastly the northwest Indians created totem poles which were made out of wood and painted to express a specific story.

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