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India Essay

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Kyle Leary Problem Solving

The problem we are looking at is how to create stable, sustainable power for an agricultural plant in India. The team at Engineers Without Borders was partnered with students from the Association for Indian Development (AID), the Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT), and the Jagannath Institute of Technology and Management. After forming this team to decide how to solve the problem, a group of students went to India to view the problem firsthand. They found a local merchant there who sells generators, and asked where to get supplies for the generator. They also decided where the building that would house the generator would be. There were multiple parts to the problem definition, including predicting, analyzing, information seeking, and applying standards. The team thought up what challenges they might run into, what types of generator would be needed, safety issues, and they challenged themselves to ensure that their work was purely for the benefit of the Indian village. The next step was deciding a course of action. They had to figure out which problems were immediate need, and which could wait until those were taken care of. The KT appraisal showed that deciding on a generator type and fuiel type would be the most importand task, whereas the grinding machines and auxiliary supplies were back burner. They then determined that vegetable oil was the best fuel source, as biodiesel was not available in the local area. The team was all set up and ready to go to India to build this vegetable oil generator, however, they needed to plan out potential problems they might encounter while they were there. Some of the big things they figured might might be harmful were getting sick from the water or snakebites. They made up a chart to counteract these threats, and were on their way. When they got there, the first thing they had to do was get approval for the task. They had to convince the locals to let them build this generator...

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