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Indictment Essay

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  • on January 5, 2013
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President Jackson had an attempted impeachment due to his support of the new Civil Rights movement, which was greatly opposed by the Republicans ruling Congress at the time. The Jacksonians believed that they were defenders of the constitution and champions of democracy. Jackson has been referred to as the first “imperial president” because of certain actions taken during his presidency. Three of his policies caused the House of Representatives to consider impeachment. Jackson violated both the separation of powers in his actions to try to destroy the Bank of the United States, as well as laws, treaties, and Supreme Court orders in dealing with Native Americans.
President Jackson violated the separation of powers in his actions to destroy the Bank of the United States. He banned the postponements of the 2nd national bank of the United States, calling the bank "subversive of the rights of the states.” Andrew Jackson fought against the bank and its president, Nicholas Biddle. He believed the bank held too much power and political influence. In 1828 Jackson launched an investigation of the bank, thinking that they had purposefully tried to help Adams win, by rejecting loans to the Democratic Party. Mclean advised Biddle to hire directors from both parties, but Biddle didn't. In December of 1829, Jackson asked Congress to recognize the bank as unconstitutional. In 1832 Jackson vetoed Biddle's request for recharter. In 1833 Jackson and Taney gave out an order that announced that on October 1, 1833, the government would shift from national banking to deposit banking through state banks. Within his cabinet, Taney was the only one who supported him, so Taney became Treasury Secretary after Duane refused to obey to Jackson's requests. Taney moved all the government deposits into state banks, known as "pet banks" which ended up causing inflation. In 1836 he issued his "Specie Circular." This was a ruling that only gold and silver could be accepted while purchasing public...

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