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Individual Negotiation Analysis

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Individual Negotiation Analysis
Several years ago when I was still in China, I remember having made a tough negotiation with one decoration materials manufacture. The main content is that I bought batches of decoration materials from the manufacture through dealer for decorating a new apartment. But after I had finished set up them around my apartment, I found during the raining day they have serious quality problems which would cause leaking water, so as resulting in huge economic losses suffered by me as well as my neighbor living next door to me, for whom I should also be responsible for the influence. So after this happened, I directly claimed to the manufacture for compensation, and no later me and the representatives from the manufacture sat down to have a negotiation based on the compensation problem which lasts couple of hours. And finally I got reasonable compensation to make up for the big losses.
Planning for the coming negotiation:
Before directly engaged in the negotiation, I collected some evidence and information associated with the quality problems. I took samples of decoration materials to the quality supervision department for justified inspection report, and I also detailed accounted of the direct economic losses and indirect economic losses, to make statements for back up use.
The negotiation stage:
When the other negotiators arrived, I had private contacts with them in advance, to build friendships, relationships, so as early to warm up for the negotiations.
During the formal negotiation, according to the tactics I decided before, I would actively begin the negotiation with a warm greeting not only to ease the atmosphere of the talks, but also to let the other side to relax their vigilance. And throughout the whole negotiation stage, I decided to crash myself and other negotiators go along, to create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere of the negotiations.
After the formal negotiation began, by the use of pre-emptive strategy,...

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