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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: kiki50
  • on February 19, 2012
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Esvelt Gallery
Esvelt Gallery is currently featuring an exhibition by the name of Drawings and Ceramics. The exhibit is divided in two parts ceramics sculptures by Carolyn Nelson and charcoal drawing by Elaine Green. Carolyn Nelson’s sculptures seem like they were made in an ancient era; none of sculptures have any sort of bright colors. Instead they’re dark colors. Also they sculpture seem to resemble females. Elaine Green drawings are obscure almost sort of evil looking.   There are different drawings that include humans, landscapes, and objects of everyday use.
The work of art that I selected and thought it was the most interesting is a drawing by Elaine Green called “Three Chairs”. This is a drawing of three people sitting next to each other. Two men and a naked woman; the woman appears sitting between the two men. “Three Chairs” was the most interesting art work to me because the woman who is naked is sitting down with her arms crossed over her chest covering it and looking up. Her face expression is distorted, but it seems as if she is in some sort of pain, almost like if she were ashamed of something. The man sitting on the left of her is looking at the woman. He is looking at her as if he is enjoying whatever she’s suffering from; while the man to her right is reading something. The man on the right doesn’t seem to care what’s happening next to him. He looks completely careless about the woman in the middle. To me this drawing is a reflection society because there are people who enjoy others sufferings and other who are aware, but act completely careless as long as are not involved.
Elaine uses three people to represent “Three chairs”. This is a charcoal drawing on canvas. The technique she uses is drawing her strokes with charcoal seem strong and hard as if she rubbed many times over is some parts of the drawing to portray the dark and obscure look oh “ Three Chairs”.

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