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Inf103 Assignment 2 Week 3 Essay

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* How is searching in a specific database, such as Ashford’s library, different from searching in Bing, Google, or Yahoo?
When searching a specific database he or she has different ways to obtain information and get answers to the topic he or she is searching on. Ashford University’s library is different from other search engines such as; Bing, Google, or Yahoo because the Ashford University’s Library is a proprietary database. A proprietary database is “accessible only to someone who pays for a subscription or belongs to an institution that purchases a membership.” (Bowles, 2010) Now, for Google this is a public domain database. This means that it is open to anyone that has a computer and internet access. When using Google to search for information on a topic Google has started a “Google Books” section this is where “returned search results not from the Internet but from published books.” (Bowles, 2010) This allows people especially students that are writing a paper for school to use the Google Books search to gain tidbits of articles from published books, which I think could be used as a good start to gain information.

  * The founder of Wikipedia has a noble mission-to share all the world’s information with everyone everywhere, anytime. In what ways has this mission been successful? In what ways has it not been successful?
The way that Wikipedia has been successful is by allowing all that have a connection to the internet a way to quickly gain information no matter what topic or the conversation piece we humans obtain to get information on. “Wikipedia had 20,000 finished articles, tremendous Web momentum, and translations in over 12 languages. At the end of 2009, Wikipedia was getting 2.5 billion visitors per month, and it now has over 3 million articles.” (Bowles, 2010) The ways that Wikipedia has not been successful is “The first is that while safeguards are in place to prevent errors, whenever there are 3 million articles on anything, mistakes can slip...

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