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Influences on Democracy Essay

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  • on January 26, 2013
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There are three things that influenced democracy as it is today.   There is the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Greek Polis of Athens, and the Roman Republic.   Judeo-Christian tradition influenced democracy through emphasis of the importance of the individual.   Athens influenced democracy through importance of reforms to make the government better.   The Roman Republic influenced democracy by showing that any other way of ruling is very unfair.   I think that the Roman Republic was the most influential to the ideas of today’s democracies.
Athens had many philosophers to increase the effectiveness of democracy and reform Athens feared a civil war between the aristocrats and the peasants.   The peasants far outnumbered the aristocrats, so they needed to come up with a way to protect themselves from the peasants.   Draco was appointed in 632 BCE, but failed to do much at all.   Solon on the other hand, passed the reforms he thought of.   His idea was to please the peasants economically, so he came up with a plan.   His plan was to cancel the debt of all of the peasants, and free those enslaved to pay off debts.   The peasants were extremely happy with this idea of reform, but the aristocrats obviously weren’t so fond of the idea.   In the end though, they realized that this would be the only way to please the peasants and stop a revolt before it happened.
The Roman Republic had many different forms of government.   When Rome was first founded, it was ruled by Etruscan kings, who were elected by the Senate and popular approval.   The members of the Senate were entered into it hereditarily, not by voting.   Once someone was accepted into the Senate, they were in for life.   The rule of kings was ended in 509 BCE, and Rome adopted the government of consuls.   Consuls were basically kings, but they had very limited power.   In order for something to be approved, both consuls had to agree to it, and if one disagreed, he could veto the other consul’s decision.   In times of an emergency,...

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