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Information Process Essay

  • Submitted by: dyeleti
  • on November 12, 2012
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Everyone processes information in different ways. The problem with the instruction given to patients by the doctors is not the instructions themselves, but the how they’re presented. We each have a specific learning style that allows us to take in more information in a shorter amount of time. They key is to make sure the information is stored long term and not just short term.

Long term memory is relatively permanent whereas short term memory only allows recall for a short period of time- about 5-9 items of information. After a certain amount of time, the information is lost unless it is repeated- therefore being converted to long term. When long term memory is stored, it’s all mixed together instead of being organized. The information in connected depending on how relevant something is to a person. There isn’t a limit for the amount of information that can be stored, however, certain disorders slow the process.

Many people learn visually, meaning they take in the information that just heard someone tell them or read from a book and convert the information into images. When remembering the information later on, they recall the stored images. For visual learners, verbal instructions are a bit harder to store to remember when needed. A good way the doctor could convey his or her message to the patient is through images. Another way a patient can process the information is by connecting the dots in their minds. Family trees, for example, help us remember who is in our family and exactly how everyone is related. Similarly, a memory tree can do the trick with information such as instructions.

Kinesthetic learners learn best when they themselves are in action. They learn through touch and experience. Instead of listening or picturing, they learn by doing activities.   Kinesthetic learners may get easily distracted when needing to listen but easily understand information through hands-on activities.

No matter the learning style of someone, there are other ways...

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