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Information Systems Essay

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Knowledge is seen as a cognitive resource that can be captured and transferred across people using information systems (Schultze and Leidner, 2002). Others see it as an epistemology of practice, spread through social networks. This essay will identify the role of information systems in supporting effective knowledge management in organizations through the two types of Information Communication Technology (ICT) that influence knowledge work and knowledge workers, Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) and Enterprise Systems. At the same time, it will take a human-centered view of knowledge, highlighting the tacit knowledge that all humans possess. The examples of Infosys and Texas Instruments have been used to bring to light the cognitive and community models and the positive and negative features of the IS contribution to KM. It will also highlight the influence of other organizational factors such as senior management and IS managers on the contribution of IS to the organization.
The management of knowledge in organizations is done through the implementation of one or more IT-based systems called knowledge management systems (KMS). These systems are capable of capturing, storing and disseminating information (Alavi and Leidner, 2001). The underlying focus of KMS is the creation of a dynamic platform that collates expert knowledge and ensures that organizational members draw on the pooled expertise (Grover and Davenport, 2001). With KMS the knowledge within the people can be identified, captured and disseminated using IS tools so that it can be applied in new contexts (Tseng, 2007). The aim is to make the knowledge widely available within the organization. Thus, KM, here, is said to assume a possession view.
Evidently, knowledge management is often reduced to the implementation of IS for the transfer of knowledge (Scarbrough and Swan, 2001). Therefore, surveys of firms introducing KM initiatives show that they are dominated by IS implementations. Different KMS were...

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