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Information Technology Essay

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First Work Assignment
Chapter 1

1. - Network always “grows” never get smaller.
    - Build a cabling system that will accommodate voice and data.
    - Install more network points that are necessary.
    - Use structure cabling standards
    - Use high-quality cabling and cabling components.
    - Don’t scrimp on installation costs; it will cost you more later on.
    - Plan for higher speed technologies than are commonly available today. Technology moves fast.
    - Documentation is necessary and will help you and the client.

1.2   -   Inventor of Ethernet, Founder of 3Com, columnist of InfoWorld and industry
1.3   -
1.4   -   Patch Cables
      -   Connectors
      -   Termination Techniques
1.6   - Unshielded Twisted Pair
      - Shielded Twisted Pair
      -   Coaxial
      -   Fiber Optic
1.7   -   1000Base-T (1Gb/s) – allows Gigabit Ethernet   to run over Cat5 Cable
      -   10GBase-T – allows 10Gigabit Ethernet over unshielded Cat6 and 6A Cable
1.8.1 – F
1.8.2 – G
1.8.3 – D
1.8.4 – E
1.8.5 – C
1.8.6 – H
1.8.7 – A
1.8.8 – I
1.8.9 – B
1.9   -   I will use a good quality of UTP Cable because it will handle External Field                 strength and it is more cost invective .
1.10   -   Shielded Cable or Fiber Optic Cable
1.11   - Both are the same but according to UK English it will be Fiber.
1.12.1 - C
1.12.2 - A
1.12.3 - E
1.12.4 - B
1.12.5 – D
1.13   -   The Gladding provides a lower refractive index to cause reflection within the core so that light waves can be transmitted through the fiber.
1.15   -   RG-6U = a 75 ohm Coaxial Cable. The Minimum grade to install in residence because it will handle the full frequency range of satellite service, plus HD TV and cable – modem service. RG-6 Quad shield is the same than the RG-6U but with additional shielding for enhanced noise immunity. Recommended to use in residences.
1.16   -   a Plenum is the space between False ceiling and structural...

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