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Information Technology and the Future Essay

  • Submitted by: kamsparrow
  • on November 13, 2012
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4 April 2012
Information Technology and the Future
      Information technology has been around for quite a few years. Through past experiences and failures we are now able to satisfy the needs of thousands or even millions of everyday users in various businesses. There are many different methods a business can take towards being the most efficient, but which one is the best out of them all? The answer is dependent on that business’s ethic and purpose. There are three primary objectives a business may pursue which are basically, a reduced cost object, a stable cost objective, and a sweet spot objective. Each of these objectives has their own purpose, though the results may differ from one another drastically. The business must be able to have clear and effective communication as well as an upkeep and understanding for their consumers or clients which they supply to. Needs are changing, so business ethics must adapt as well as IT Technology which is quite usually coupled with upgrades and spending costs for the business, though it is a necessary cost to keep the business running. So how does this all tie into IT and the more complex knowledge of it? First we need to understand how it impacts the world and business today, in order to effectively figure out various uses in IT.
      In the article “4 Critical Trends in IT Business Community”, Bob Violino explains how IT is not only useful but a necessary driving force for IT as well as in recent technology developments where IT’s growth is expanding vastly and goes through a few reasons how and why this is currently effecting our society. It goes through the uses of Virtualization and how effective and useful it is for current IT professionals. He explains the transition with a quote from George Muller, “…For those of us who have been in the IT world for a few years, we’ve seen the transition from the old large mainframes to client server to Web-based applications to cloud...

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