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Inheritance Context Piece Essay

  • Submitted by: mangkit88
  • on October 5, 2012
  • Category: English
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Maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t have turned out like this if I hadn’t of cheated and lied to them. Maybe if I actually stood by and did nothing everything would have turned out okay. If old man Willie was still here I would be able to work my blood, sweat and tears on his farm. Wait no, what am I saying? I wouldn’t have had a chance; I would’ve been put on the chopping block. Well it doesn’t matter now, our family has been ripped apart because I was too inconsiderate, selfish and arrogant.
Every day of every week I worked my ass off on uncle Willie’s farm, it might not be mine but I bloody well worked like it was, but that doesn’t matter because now that the cat is away the mice come out of there little hiding holes to play. They say that it’s rightfully theirs because they’re entitled to it. They just want to milk the farm for its worth. It was inevitable really; we all knew it was going to happen eventually, some of us were just waiting. Alex went to boarding school and moved out right after, now out of nowhere he comes back and says that it’s his land, even though he hasn’t ever laid a helping hand on this farm. He thinks he should get the farm because he’s Willie’s only son and this gives him a sense of entitlement, but mate the land belongs to the people who work it, not to some pampered boy who turned tail because he couldn’t hack it.

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