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Integrated Engine Essay

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Abstract: It is known that when any kind of fossil fuel is burnt two phenomenons take place (i) Explosion and (ii) Heat generation. In the concept that is stated it is desired to merge the functioning of External Combustion (EC) and Internal Combustion (IC) engines on the basis of their working principle. In an EC engine the motive power is obtained by utilizing the factor of heat alone, which results in vaporization of a fluid that is used to move the piston inside the cylinder piston arrangement. Whereas in an IC engine the motive power is derived from the explosion factor, which takes place inside a control volume, thereby providing the necessary power to push the piston for obtaining the desired working motion. It is important to note that neither EC nor IC engines have efficiency greater than 40%. This is due to the fact that neither of the system utilizes both the factors mentioned above, for producing useful work. But if we can utilize the heat produced due to combustion of fuel in an IC engine, based on the working principle of EC engine, to supply motive power, then we can assure that maximum output would be derived. This paper aims at justifiable use of energy by the combination of the working principles of EC engines used in locomotives and IC engines powered by gasoline (petrol).
Keywords: External Combustion (EC) engine, Otto cycle, Electronic water pump, Hybrid vehicle, Water jacket, Liner.
1. Introduction
1.1 Types of Engines
Engines can be basically classified according to the manner in which the fuel is burnt.

Fig. 1.1 Concept of EC engine
If fuel is burnt outside the cylinder-piston arrangement then such an engine is called “External Combustion Engine”.

Fig. 1.2 Concept of IC engine
If the fuel is burnt inside the cylinder-piston arrangement then such an engine is called “Internal Combustion Engine”.
1.2 Challenges in present day Engines
At the moment the engine technology is faced with...

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