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Integrating Social Media in Classroom Learning for School Students Essay

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Below is an essay on "Integrating Social Media in Classroom Learning for School Students" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Integration of social media and
class room learning for school


1. Introduction of a Study Group to synergize classroom learning: A
longitudinal study conducted to see if students’ inclination towards
academics increase after its introduction.
2. To find out if schools/teachers use any multimedia tools to teach, if no,
then why not, if yes, then what all tools do they use.
3. An essay writing competition for students to help us identify features
of a desired online learning platform titled, “Collaborative learning in
the age of Social Media”.

 Study was conducted at one of the most prestigious schools of Indore.
Test subjects were students of class X-A and X-B.
Both the sections had the same Physics teacher.
 Students of X-B were informed of the study group to be formed later in
the evening, and hence their email ids were collected.
 Students of X-B were sent a few links of the topic ‘Electronics and
Circuits’ from various blogs/websites like Quora, ASAP Science,
SlideShare and HowStuffWorks.
 In a matter of four hours from sending them the links, they had a
facebook group made for this purpose. They added us and started
sharing interesting links revolving around the similar academic topics.
 Shortly, their teacher was added to the group. He started a discussion by
asking for explanation to a few concepts, and students responded with
variety of explanations from various sources. The responses included a
majority of visual and interactive content like videos, flash animations
and photographs.
 The group was observed for 15 days.

 The Physics teacher was interviewed after 15 days.
He was asked to compare the classroom discussions in both the sections
he taught, X-A and X-B.
 His reaction was flabbergasting.


 According to him, the lectures in X-B were more interactive. There was
a lot of input coming from the...

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