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Valliamah Danulutchmee
ID Number: 1141850
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Constructivist approach: A shift from teacher centered to learner centered learning
The purpose of this interactive article is to have an insight on constructivist approach for student-centered teaching.   How far does constructivist approach promotes student-centered teaching?   The different strategies that can be used to promote this type of teaching-learning process and recommendations are discussed.
The basic ideas of Constructivist are learners’ active role in their own learning process in which they use their prior knowledge and cognitive ability and learning environments created to make this active learning process possible. Student-centered approach to teaching and learning focus on the learner rather than the teacher. Student-centered teaching is based on the constructivist model in which students construct rather than receive or assimilate knowledge.
The constructivist revolution has deep roots in the history of education.   It draws heavily on the work of Piaget & Vygotsky, both of them emphasized that cognitive change takes place only when previous conceptions go through a process of disequilibrium in light of new instruction. Research suggests that constructivist teaching is an effective way to teach. It encourages active and meaningful learning and promotes responsibility and autonomy. Because constructivist teaching is beneficial in achieving desirable educational goals for students, it is important for teachers to grow professionally towards a constructivist practice. Student-centered approaches to teaching and learning are informed by constructivist theories of learning. From both theoretical perspectives, the student is the centre, or focus, of all learning and teaching decisions. However, the different theoretical perspectives as well as perspectives from different disciplines and education policy documents...

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