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International Business Essay

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International Business
In a basic manner globalization means the world is more interconnected than ever   economically , culturally and politically.A couple of   decades before   dictators could   isolate   their   countries   and   continue their authority without having such a problem like social media or internet. Due   to the   ability to transfer   information   as fast as light , most   rules   are changing in communities   and   individuals   lives.With the globalization all   dynamics   are   more connected to each other so dominos falling something happens somewhere but consequences will effect you without a notice. Globalization gives threats and opportunities with inevitable challenges. To   evaluate   globalization in a positive   or negative manner would not help human beings.How can we utilize   globalization to our   advantage? How could we avoid from negative effects ? How countries could   gain a   competitive advantage not only   economic   but also cultural and politic parts.It   is obvious that   reduction of trade barriers and continuing increase in international trade and economic interaction will have mutual benefits for nations. All organizations should prepare for this changes not only mentally also practically.

Being a   member   of   developing country nation makes   one   familiar with   an unstable economy   and   politics   and   gives   talent to adapt   change   so   quickly. So growing   in high competition   to   accomplish our goals   is a   life style   for immigrants or newcomers. Despite the young American generation , newcomers are   already used to live with many complex situations.According to Jean Piaget , the father of cognitive development   “Intelligence is an adaptation…To say that intelligence is a particular instance of biological adaptation is thus to suppose that it is essentially an organization and that its function is to structure   the universe just as the organism structures its immediate environment". Now   in   the   global   world   having knowledge   is...

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