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Internet - History and Development Essay

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UNIT 29.

Introduction to the internet and




Tutor: Phil Barnes

DATE ISSUED: 30.11.2007

DUE IN: 11.01.2008


    Introduction 3
I. How internet works 4
    Internet technology 4
    What is World-Wide Web and what makes it work? 5
    Introduction of HTML 6
    Clients, servers and browsers 8
    Definitions of internet, intranet, extranet 10
II. Website design 11
    Search engines 11
    What makes web pages attractive 14
    What is usability about? 16
    Have everybody got access to a website? 18
    Law and website 20
Conclusion 21
Evaluation 21
    Attachment 28
Reference: 30


In 1969 research project called ARPANET started by as a collection of network and was made for the US military to enable them to “survive” a nuclear war which proposed to be launched between USA and USSR. Later it was adopted as the educational and communication tool for small groups within scientific organisations.   Now it widely exploited by a commercial world. Nowadays 1,262,032,697[?] registered users logged on in September 2007. (See attachment 2. History of internet).

Quite a few people nowadays mistakenly believe the Internet and the World Wide Web are the same thing.   This is not so and we going to show you difference.

In this training pack you will learn about internet and how it distinguish from world wide web, where it implicate, how data transfers over the globe, see difference between internet, intranet and extranet. You will know about special program language and browsers.

In the second chapter you will gain knowledge about web design and searching engines, also find some useful tips about making search.   While making search you will discover a vast amount of websites so you need to clarify and classify its and understand what makes it attractive usable, and accessible.   Here you can find some helpful information...

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