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Internet Shouldnot Be Banned! Essay

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Below is an essay on "Internet Shouldnot Be Banned!" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Internet should not be banned!
The Internet has become an essential part of everyday life over the past decade. All over the world it has provided a common ground for people to communicate. The internet has changed the way in which the society operates whether it is through information exchange or just a simple chat. A wide variety of entertainment has become accessible features with the click of a button. It provides kids and people with a wide source of education whether it is educational websites or whole courses on the internet. The internet has made being able to educate people a lot easier. It can also be used to find jobs or even do online jobs! These are some of the many reasons of why the internet shouldn’t be banned.
Firstly the Internet is a vital source of communication because it allows people to connect to each other, see people you haven’t seen for a long time and it even allows you to see the person and talk to them at the same time. Also you can meet other people, play with other people and chat with them. People can also use it to tell news and even read books online!
Secondly the Internet provides a wide variety of education such as safety, science, mathematics, history, technology and enterprise, language, writing and etc. It also has many educational websites for kids and adults. Furthermore it offers a wide range of online courses, from just as simple as learning a new language, to as advanced as studying a whole new career!
The Internet can also provide a range of jobs from as low pay as a builder to as high pay as a doctor! It can also be used as an advertisement board for employers to be able to find employees. The Internet can also make jobs itself such as working in ISP companies such as Google, Chrome, Firefox and so on. The people can also work as website makers and make websites to put on it. Although   the Internet delivers news much quicker and faster than other media sources such as newspapers and this will cause newspaper...

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