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Internship Report on Ncc Bank

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1.1 Origin of the Study

Banking is an essential industry. It is the most important part of a country’s economic functionality. Bank is leading the financial institution sector. A bank as the matter of fact is just like a heart of the economic structure and the capital provided by it is like the blood in it. As long as the blood is in circulation the organs will remain sound and healthy. Over the last few years the Banking world has been undergoing a lot of change. As part of the economic reforms, banking industry has been deregulated and made competitive. New players have added to the competition. IT revolution has made it possible to provide ease and flexibility in operations to customers. Rapid strides in information technology have, in fact, redefined the role and structure of banking in Bangladesh. Further, due to exposure to global trends after Information explosion led by Internet, customers - both Individuals and Corporate - are now demanding better services with more products from their banks.

It has become essential for every person to have some idea on the bank and banking procedure. As our educational system predominantly text based, inclusion of practical orientation program is an exception to the norm. From practical knowledge, we will be able to know real life situations and start a career with some practical experience. In such state of affairs this internship report is an attempt of studying about the general banking activities, financial performance and analysis of NCC Bank Limited and my report topic has been selected as “Overall Banking System & HRM practice of NCC Bank Ltd”.


The objective of the report is to familiarize myself with real market situation and compare it with bookish concept. The main objective of this report is to have an assessment about recruitment and selection process of NCC BANK Limited. In addition the study seeks to achieve the following objectives:...

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