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Interval Training Essay

  • Submitted by: Vanessa79
  • on November 13, 2012
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Interval Training
What is Interval Training?
Interval Training is used mostly used for sports such as basketball, football, cricket, netball etc. It is when you do an activity with “high intensity” and then take a short break. Interval training helps you burn a lot of calories and fat due to the outburst you make after the short break; it also helps build your cardiovascular endurance which means “that your body can increase and decrease” the amount of energy needed.
Warm up:
A warm up for interval training isn’t very extreme as you don’t want to waste too much energy on it. So a good warm up would be
  * 2 laps around a 200m ground
  * Jumping Jacks for 2 minutes
The activity I have chosen for interval training is basketball. Now in basketball you use both your feet and arms so for a good stretch you should stretch
  * Hamstring

  * Calf (Gastrocnemius)

  * Groin

  * Quadriceps

  * Triceps

  * 4 medicine balls: Station 1&2 – 2 balls each
  * 12 basketballs: Station 3,4&5 – 4 balls each
Work out session:
This workout session will be held for 20 people, so firstly you need to get into groups of 4 and find a station
  * Station 1: Chest Pass
  * Station 2: Over head pass
  * Station 3: Dribbling and passing
  * Station 4: Pivot
  * Station 5: Hand eye coordination
Now in station you will need to find a partner from your group of 4. Together you and your partner will do the workout. You will have 3 minutes in each station and a 2 minute rest after you have completed station 3.
  * Station 1: Chest Pass
There will be 2 medicine balls for you to use. Take these medicine balls and put them in front of your chest and then use your arms to push it forward to your partner.
  * Station 2: Over head pass
You will need to use a medicine ball for this activity too. Take a medicine ball and put it over your head and with your arms push it forward to your partner.
  * Station 3: Dribbling...

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