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Interview Profile Essay

  • Submitted by: katmarieb1965
  • on October 17, 2013
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Final Project Interview Profile
Kathleen M Antoon
October 13th, 2013
Clifford Marsh

Final Project Interview Profile
Humans are complex and intricate beings. We all feel, think, behave, and look different. Psychologists and researchers have been developing patterns in how experiences and processes shape the way we are and how we handle certain tasks. There are many variables that shape the way we learn and remember our attitudes, personality, and what motivates us. To better understand these experiences and processes, I will compare the same characteristics of my own and my friend Autumn, we are both close in age, have similar backgrounds, gender, race, and have experienced some of the same things in life.
When learning a behavior, Autumn and I prefer to observe the behavior being performed rather than reading about it. In our opinion, observing the behavior being performed allows us to use more senses to remember the information. We are both able to use our visual memory, by visualizing the behavior that is being performed allows us to define a visual characteristic of the behavior and we are able to connect it to that particular behavior.
According to the JOV (2013) visual memory enables us to hold in mind the details of objects, textures, faces, and scenes. After the initial exposure to an image, visual memories rapidly degrade because they are transferred from iconic memory, a high-capacity sensory buffer to working memory, a low-capacity maintenance system whose flexibility affords a work space for thought.
When we are studying our preference is in a library or with headphones so that we have no distractions. Having a quiet environment we are able to “tune-out” noises. If we are not in a quiet environment, we tend to study with headphones. According to Advising and Learning Assistance Center, studying with headphones on tends to decrease retention/memory, whereas music in the background can be an aid to study.
The difference between the...

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