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Intl Business Essay

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In this paper, the writer will present an overview of the article: Doing business with Latin

nationalists. The article described what challenges may occur for United States investors and

companies. What local Latin countries expect and what is preferred by the Latin American

workers. The article gave a good overview on the prospects for profit, which are actually much

better that the reports of revolution and expropriation might leads the United States to think.

In the United States companies and people often try to ignore the fact that doing business with

communist countries such as Cuba could be profitable. If the United States would not have

sanctions against Cuba it would be interesting to move into the country to gain some business,

which this could even open many more doors to other Latin American countries since many of

the agree with some of the Cuban ways.

Obviously, the American way of doing business would have to be modified for each individual

Latin American country. As business is usual all about profit and not caring about how harsh it

may be conducted in the United States, would simply not work in other most other countries. For

example in countries in Latin America, the government wants that a big part of the business will

bring more than just a few jobs, the governments wants that the foreign company stimulates the

local economy. A foreign business should be able to boost local companies and not just import

their goods that are needed. There is a large variety of services that could come from local stores

and businesses. In the United States it is often assumed that when dealing with Latin America,

we are dealing with an underdeveloped country that does not know how to conduct business.

To be honest, the majority of people would say that doing business in Latin America would most

likely not even be profitable and it would be too difficult to deal...

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