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Intolerable Acts Essay

  • Submitted by: nvonda
  • on January 26, 2013
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Intolerable Acts
N’Vonda C. Jackson

“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson opens on what can be described as a peaceful scene with the mention of the fresh warmth of a full-summers day, the blossoming flowers, the richly green grass, and the polite small town folks gathering in the town square.   The author portrays a happy story, perhaps that someone is about to win a great prize.   The small town of only 300 people were getting ready for their annual Lottery.   Mr Summers conducted “The Lottery” as he did all the civic activities in the town such as; the square dances, the teenage club, and the Halloween program.   Even that statement in the story reflects as if “The Lottery” is perfectly normal and considered a civic or community activity by the people of the town.   The town people meet and everyone is either talking softly, politely smiling or laughing until the drawing of the names begin. At this point, the tone of the story begins to change.   As the names are being called they are nervous and tension falls over the crowd.   Mr Summers reads the names in alphabetical order of the head of the household.   The family name Hutchinson is drawn so the family of five have to choose a slip of paper.   The paper with the black dot confirms the winner.   The winner is the mother of the Hutchinson family, Tessie.   The unexpected end of “The Lottery” begins and the winner is given her prize.   Without any sign of remorse, the town’s people begin to throw stones at Tessie, in what is assumed as if they stoned her to her death.   The last lines of “The Lottery” have Tessie Hutchinson screaming that it isn’t fair, “and then they were upon her.” From the title “The Lottery”, the description of the atmosphere, and the reactions of the towns people, Shirley Jackson manipulates the reader into thinking that this is a lovely, blissful story.

This story, even thou fiction, reflects a true society social issue that should be abolished.   In today’s society one family social issue...

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