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Intro to Management Final Assignment Essay

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Throughout this course, I have learnt that the Karpin Report has been the turning point in Management in Australia. It revealed that Australia had much to be desired in this field and as such, improvements were made and training has been developed to bring out the best in the managers we have today. It has had a hugely positive effect on the management roles in Australia, reflecting in the international and global growth/expansion of businesses we have today.

I have understood that whilst a manager is seen as the person who deals with the administrative aspects of leading a team, they are much more than that. Leaders are the visionaries of a company and managers are the people who make these visions and aspirations a possibility by giving them form and planning a strategy to meet these goals. They also manage the team, for which they require a deep understanding of people skills. They need to understand themselves and how their actions and reactions affect the people around them, which is what is called emotional intelligence. Conflict resolution is another key element of being a manager, given that every relationship has conflicts. A manager must know how to prioritize and resolve these conflicts in a constructive manner. In effect, today’s managers are also leaders.
It is imperative that they have excellent communication skills, as the team needs to understand what is required of them and feel confident that they have the tools they need to be able to meet these requirements.
Active and empathic listening are essential in this role, given that these are key tools to fully understand what the team members may be trying to say before jumping to conclusions that may be incorrect.
In my case, I have changed through this learning, in that I have noticed that I now hold myself back from speaking until I know for sure that the person speaking with me has finished what they had to say. I do not interrupt them and ensure that I fully understand their message before...

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