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Introducing a Culture Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Introducing a Culture-Japan
Japan has been one of my favorite countries, for its culture is attractive and wonderful. Due to historical factors and convenience transportation, its culture has affected our daily lives profoundly. We could not only see Japanese commodities in stores, but also programs on TV channels. In my point of view, Taiwan has a close relationship with Japan.
One of the distinguishing features in Japan is their food-culture. Japanese food has been seen as healthy and tasty. Few oil and salt, their diets improve their physical health. Thus, research has proved that Japanese have a longer life-span than other countries. Fish dishes are also famous since Japan is an island. For example, sashimi is a popular dish that is loved by locals and tourists. In recent years, they try to improve organic agricultural products as well.
Besides food-culture, Japan’s natural scene is also spectacular. In spring, there are full of beautiful cherry blossoms. People go flower watching together and celebrate the coming of spring with joy. While in winter, it becomes a clean and white world. Hokkaido is the most popular place to enjoy the joy of winter. Although it’s freezing cold in Hokkaido’s winter, people can feel the warmness by watching a brand new world which is painted by purely white, and play with the snow in excited mood. We can also experience the prosperity in Tokyo, the historical atmosphere in Kyoto, and the entertainment in Osaka.
What makes Japan so special to me is its humane culture. People care about manners and politeness a lot. They say”Please”and “Thank you” frequently. What’s more, they show gratefulness or sorry by bowing. I think it’s quite impressive because they show their politeness by body gestures, which means they are sincerely and they express their feelings by heart. On the other hand, I admire the creativities of Japanese. They have invented lots of useful products to improve our living qualities and to make our lives more...

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