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Introduction To Earth In Space Essay

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Life on Earth is slowly dying away. With energy consumption at its highest and Earth’s population demanding more, there is no doubt that this statement is more than true. As the inhabitants, humans must find alternative ways of sustaining life and resolve the complications of the limited amount of natural energy resources on Earth. Scientists around the globe have focused their work on this specific crisis and have come up with a couple of ideas. Ideas such as cutting back on greenhouse gases and alternative renewable resources like hydroelectric, solar and wind energy have been considered. But, the most intriguing and far-fetched out of all these ideas is the establishment of a human colony on another planet. Another environment could open doors to new energy sources, provide land for humans to populate in case of planetary disaster and even tackle unanswered questions about the universe. A popular candidate for this idea to occur on is Mars.
One may ask: “Why Mars?” Originally, the Moon was proposed to be the first location for human colonization, but with more focus on this speculation, researchers and scientists alike have discovered this not to be the case. Mars has many aspects that make it potential to host human and other organic life, such as its thin atmosphere and the presence of water. These aspects not only make it the safest planet besides Earth in the Solar System, but give scientists the foundation to theories and methods on how to inhabit Mars. All of these methods fall underneath the subject of Terraform.

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