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Introduction to Prism Essay

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One in seven intelligence reports released by the NSA sites PRISM for its source of raw material, making it the NSA’s number one source of raw material (Poitras, 2013). PRISM is a classified mass data-mining program created by the NSA in 2007 (MacAskill, 2013) designed to extract and store data from major online service providers for analysis. Some of the companies allegedly involved include Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, and many more. Albeit true PRISM targets foreign suspects, data on U.S citizens (and innocent foreigners) is also collected unintentionally (Poitras, 2013). With personal information such as phone calls, video chats, emails, photographs, documents, and connection logs (Poitras, 2013) easily accessible to the NSA, the public have certainly taken notice. PRISM is a classified controversial data mining and storage program used heavily by the NSA.
Until publically leaked on June 6, 2013 by ex-analyst Edward Snowden, PRISM had already been in effect for almost 6 years (Poitras, 2013). Data mining for surveillance purposes truly began in wake of the September 11th attacks. The Bush Administration, in collaboration with the NSA, created the Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) (LICHTBLAU, 2005). Essentially, the TSP enabled NSA officials to eavesdrop on calls (domestic or international) without a warrant. On August 17th, 2006, U.S. District Judge Anna Taylor ruled the program Unconstitutional and Illegal (Hopkins, 2007). Under the impression that the U.S would lose the ability to continue surveillance of terrorists, the Bush Administration passed the Protect America Act, allowing intelligence to be collected on suspected targets reasonably believed to be outside of the United States without a warrant (Congress, 2007). Within one month of the bills passing, the NSA enlisted Microsoft as their first partner with PRISM. (Poitras, 2013). The FISA Amendments Act of 2008 further strengthened the reach of PRISM – giving US intelligence agencies...

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