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Intuit Essay

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PESTEL Analysis

When looking at Intuit as a company, there are many changes in the macro environment that might effect on how the company runs. To analyze these outside opportunities, we will use the PESTEL framework.

Political Factors
Since many of Intuits products deal with financial forms that are submitted to the government, any changes in policy that affect how these forms are recorded and submitted will affect Intuit as a business. Let's say for example the Government decided that they wanted to impose a fee on submitting taxes electronically. This might lead to a decrease in users using their product Turbotax to avoid this fee.
Economic Factors
Intuit is also susceptible to economic factors. Since they deal directly with consumers, any major crash in the economic market would have a severe impact on their business. An example of this would be if small businesses started failing all over. One of their most popular products, Quickbooks is a software package that allows small business owners to handle most their own accounting. If small businesses aren’t able to operate due to the economy, they won’t be able to buy Quickbooks, thus Intuit starts to lose money. Other products they offer likely also take hits.
Social Factors
Social factors that may affect Intuit are minimum. Their only two real threats we were able to identify. First, if a better product comes out, people will start spreading the word about how it is better. The second problem that might occur is due to education. A more educated population might be able to do the things that Intuit does by themselves. A less educated population might not be able to use their products and not buy them.
Technological Factors
Technological Factors probably will affect Intuit the most going into the future. Due to the nature of their industry (software), new companies are also approaching the space finding new and innovate ways to compete. Also, people are turning to mobile applications more and more....

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