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Io Wrap Up Essay

  • Submitted by: fatiima
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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Prepared By: Carol Azki
                                    Internal oral wrap-up
IO 1
Victorian era:
  * longest era in the English history
  * There was a segregation between males and females
  * separate spheres:
        -Women were supposed to take care of children and house work.
        -Men were supposed to get money for the household
  * women were like dolls due to the restrictions in rights
  * Mr Benjamin was a politician who fought for women's rights
Well-made play:
  * It is a dramatic genre adopted and heavily used by realistic dramatists in the mid-1800s.
  * Contains a neoclassical essence (draws inspiration from classical ancient Greek and ancient Roman culture, thus it draws inspiration from the dramas, tragedies, and plays that were written at that time.)
  * It involves a very tight plot.
  * Most events that led up to the complications in the plot occur before the events of the play.
  * Information about these past occurrences is revealed in a thinly veiled exposition.  
  * A device which is pivotal and recurrent in Well-made Plays is a letter or a paper that falls in the wrong hands in order to bring about plot twists and climaxes.
  * These letters thus bring upon a twist in fate, revealing the true actions and identities of characters.
  * The twist allows for a quick conclusion.
  * Well-made Plays are usually open ended, creating life for the protagonist beyond the last act.
  * A doll's house is a realistic drama
  * it has the Greek / neo-classical essence
  * the plot is going through thinly veiled events
  * letters reveal the true identity of characters
  * Torvald's love towards Nora is conditional, and so is Nora's love towards him.
  * twist of fate
  * the play has...

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