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Iron Jawed Angels Essay

  • Submitted by: nicolemac13
  • on January 27, 2013
  • Category: History
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Nicole Macaluso
Ms. Young
U.S History
18 December 2012

Iron Jawed Angels
Iron Jawed Angels is a movie set in the 20th century in which women fight for the right to vote and women’s citizenship. Women were not treated as equals and they demanded change. Two very important women, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, play major roles in getting the 19th amendment. This amendment gave women the right to vote. However, the journey to get this privilege was not an easy task.
I found the actions by Alice Paul and Lucy Burns truly remarkable. Both of these women were willing to fight till the death in order to get the right to vote. Alice and Lucy stood outside the White House with offensive signs such as “Kaiser Wilson” in order to prove that America says that it is a free country, but we still do not give women the right to vote and women’s citizenship. They demanded change and they were punished for this. They were taken to jail and also beaten. They also demonstrated much courage when they went on a hunger strike. Alice Paul was the first women to go on this strike and she did this because she would rather die in jail and become a martyr. If Alice died in jail people would start praising her and there would be a bigger push for women’s suffrage. Also, Alice demonstrated much courage because they force fed her and this was a very painful process which caused her to throw up. Even though this was painful, Alice continued not to eat. Lucy as went on a hunger strike, but after Alice did. Both of these women demonstrated much courage throughout the entire movie and they never stopped fighting for what they believed in.
This film truly changed how I view my rights and responsibilities as a woman. I have always thought that women should be equal to men and have the same rights as men, but I did not think of it as a responsibility until I watched this movie. This movie showed me how women have the responsibility to fight for what they believe in. If we do not fight...

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