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Irregularities Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Irregularities" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

By Courtney Jones

“My affair with James Soleander, M.D., did not start in the way many interoffice affairs do. And I would not exactly call it a regular thing – when the mood hits, we just do. I have been known to be whimsical, so this is not entirely out of my character. Ours is not the typical boss/secretary – ahem, administrative Assistant-affair you might see on a soap opera….”

When we read the story Irregularities, we read it from the narrator, who is also the protagonist, point of view. She is secretary, or, as she prefer to call it, administrative assistant to Dr. James Soleander, a married cardiologist. She is very much in love with James Soleander right from the start of the story “I do my work on his office computer just to touch the cashmere coat he leaves hanging on the back of the chair. Sometimes I drape it over my shoulders and wear it all day like a cape, complaining to the other assistants that the air conditioner is out of control, my office is too chilly”.
The story starts with the information, that she is pregnant and that the father is her boss, James Soleander M.D., but she hasn’t told him jet, because she wants him to figure it out from himself, and she read in a women’s magazine, that “some men will get sick right along with you” but he hasn’t shown any signs of it. The rest of the story is classic boss/secretary affairs story, and when she says, that it’s not like the typical “affaire you might she on a soap opera” it’s actually exactly what it is. When she finally pulled herself tougher to tell him that that she is pregnant it’s too late because she had had a miscarried of it, and when she tells James that she might not be able to have children, he is “oh so sorry” but really it was actually an eye opener for him, cause he realize that she might want more than they got, and that’s when he decided to break it up with her and start with a new girl, with this time is Donna. The way we know that he has ended it with her...

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