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Is War Ever Justified Essay

  • Submitted by: DudeJeremy1
  • on August 8, 2015
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Can war ever be justified?
So what do people mean by war? It is simple war is a state of armed conflict involving different countries or different groups within a country. War is unjustifiable because it effects the world in a negative way and many countries don’t realize the moral standards of other countries. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely however there is other options to settle this matter which I will mention later.

As of now people want more land then they need and if you look at the area of Russia it is a huge country but what the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin has is greed, he has a Net worth of 70 billion dollars plus he definitely wants Ukraine. What Vladimir Putin is doing, is to start an unnecessary war by assisting and attacking people who are vulnerable! And he denies having responsibility on MH17 shooting. Wars create more problems than they fix! Hands up if you disagree that war is justifiable? Hmm... The question is who started it?

Present an image: How would you feel if your home was bombed? A lot has to be cleaned up. A countries economy is falling and has to repair. Imagine if this was a fresh start to World War 3. Just think about it ladies and gentlemen.
I feel that war is not about victory or defeat. It is about the total failure of a human spirit. Wars can't be justified, people can fight over religion, power, land, oil or freedom but really most people want more than they need and are greedy. People die every day just to fight for their country and live a normal life. Why can't people be treated equally? And if they were, maybe a war wouldn't even be needed in the first place!
Would you ever want a world war 3? Just think about how many casualties will appear in the future.
The reasons against war is that there's always collateral damage, individual-suffering. The personal damage of a war, is never worth the end-goal. After war a lot of soldiers who are trying to continue a normal life struggle and suffer from...

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