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Isham and Iona Essay

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  • on September 21, 2012
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On Mars, the year 2108, they built a glasslike bubble that contains oxygen for the humans to breathe and continue to live with houses, water, and animals. Also, instead of a president they have a king. Back on Earth, Isham, a robot, was left to clean the air and the garbage left behind.   Isham destroys the garbage by burning it and he captures the smoke and manipulates it into oxygen. He sends it to Iona to send to the humans on planet Mars. Iona’s other job is to find any type of water and cleanse it and sends it to Mars with the oxygen for the humans to use.   At the end of each day, Isham and Iona go to Mars together bringing oxygen and water for the humans.
“I am tired of this going to Mars and back 3 times a day. Why can’t these silly humans do this themselves, I’m pretty sure if they could make us then they could figure out a way to do all this junk themselves, I mean I feel like we are doing their dirty work,” Iona shouted furiously. “It’s not a really big deal. I don’t mind picking up after the humans. I mean that’s what they created us for. We should do as we are told, so we don’t end up like the other robots,” sighs Isham.
Iona and Isham quietly approach Mars and flows through the servant entrance. They both stay in a room for 30 minutes to disinfect the air from their bodies. Iona enters the human world, while Isham stays behind waiting for her, to give the king the supplies. The king needs to distribute them properly throughout his small kingdom. The king always loved Iona and he didn’t want her to leave but she needs to do her job at Earth to keep him and his people alive. The king never liked Isham, and as a result he was always upset. Isham thought it was because he was always working with Iona. When Iona walks in the room the king blurts out in excitement, “My dear Iona! How have you been?! Are you okay?! Do you need anything?! Can you stay, please?!” Iona sighs, “I’m fine would you please stop worrying about me. I don’t need anything. And I will...

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