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It 218 Week 7 Checkpoint Essay

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Read the “Defining Unions” section on pp. 444 & 445 of the text and answer the following questions in 200 to 300 words. Use your own words and do not copy directly from the text.

• Define a union. Explain how a union may be used.
• How may sharing be associated with unions?
• What are the alternatives to unions?

A union is a piece of memory that is shared between two or more variables. This enables the programmer to make it easier on the user. They can enter a variable into the memory but it can be used as any of the types defined in the union. Because we can share this memory it helps the programmer and user by taking a variable for part of the program and storing it until it is not needed then it can take a different variable and store the new variable for a different part of the program. From my understanding unions can only be replaced with a much larger memory and code through a struct. Since the union is able to remember the variable and store it until the next variable is entered into the program. A calculator could be a decent example of a union. You enter 2 it remembers until you enter the plus sign then it remembers it until 3 is entered then it remembers it until you enter equals it then produces the value through the equation in the program. Of course by using a struct you could still accomplish the task of the program while using more memory but the equation would still be done and could still be true without fail. Many people suggest that using unions is not a good idea but I think that it depends on the program and what you are trying to accomplish.

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