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It221 Research Paper

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Kevin Bigelow
Research Paper
Running a server is a very important for a business.   It stores all their secure data and needs to be kept safe and running.   The operating system that a lot of companies use from Microsoft is Windows Server 2008.   There are many different versions of Windows Server 2008, all of which are used depending on what type of system you are running it on.   Windows server 2008 has a lot of new features since Server 2003, Windows has the new Server Core installation method, which is a fully command line based interface, with no user shells.   The roles of Active Directory are also different; Active Directory roles are expanded with identity, certificate, and rights management services.   Windows Server 2008 offers high-availability to services and applications through Failover Clustering. Most server features and roles can be kept running with little to no downtime.   Windows Server 2008 also has what is called, self-healing NTFS, which allows a corrupted volume to be fixed without taking the whole server offline.   There is also Hyper-V which allows Windows Server 2008 to make multiple virtual servers on top of their main physical layer. Server manager is a new part of Windows Server 2008 that give an easier to follow way to check the settings on the server.   Windows Server 2008 comes in a 64 bit architecture, which helps because it has a higher amount of memory and can handle more processors.   Lastly the Read Only Domain Controller is mostly designed for small branch offices which typically have relatively few users, poor physical security, relatively poor network bandwidth to a hub site, and little local IT knowledge.
Global Names Zone is intended to aid the retirement of WINS, and it’s worth nothing that is not a replacement for WINS.   The way that the DNS handles RODC’s is different because the DNS server that runs on an RODC cannot directly register client updates, it has to refer the client to a DNS server that hosts a primary or Active...

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