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It273 Unit 1 Assignment Essay

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Course: IT273 Unit: 1 Assignment


  1. Unit 1 review questions:
  A. The functions provided by a network are usually referred to as network services.
  B. A Remote Access server may also be known as simply an access server.
  C. A client-server network is the simplest network model is False.
  D. A common way to share resources on a client/server network is by modifying the file-sharing controls via the computers operating system is False.
  E. The oldest and still most frequently used network communications services are print services is False.

The question is often asked, “What are the differences between a peer-to-peer network and a client-server network.
Peer-to-peer networks do not have a central server. Each workstation on the network shares files with all of the others equally. Peer-to-peer offers very little security due to no authentication of users. Conversely, there are separate dedicated servers and clients in a client-server network. While client workstations usually can access the same files that are stored on the server, the server has the ability to determine which users can and cannot. One more thing to consider when looking at the differences of the two is cost. Peer-to-peer networks are less expensive but offer almost no security. Client-server networks normally have millions of users and offer elaborate security measures so the price can be significantly higher.
You generally would want to use a P2P network in a home or a small business.   After 10 or so workstations, a P2P network usually will experience performance/management problems.
We normally would see the client-server networks at a big company or even a school.   Once logged on, users may access only those resources that the network administrator allows them to access (offering much more security than of the P2P networks.)

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