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Its the Oil Essay

  • Submitted by: BEHRAD
  • on September 22, 2012
  • Category: English
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It’s the oil! Nowadays one of the most precious elements in the world is the oil. A lot of countries are trying to gain this material through a lot of ways. In this article the author is trying to convince his audiences by answering his questions about why the united state invaded Iraq. So I believe that the purpose of this article is informative because he points out reasonable reasons for his questions.    
    Jim arranges this article applying an organic arrangement. At first, he mentions a question at the beginning of each paragraph, so he could grab audiences’ attention. Then he is trying to provide some information about the question. For instance, he asks” Who will get Iraq’s oil” and also he answers that one of the Bush administration’s benchmarks for the Iraqi government is the passage of a law to distribute oil revenues. The draft law that the US has written for the Iraqi congress would cede nearly all the oil to western companies. In addition, the pattern of the article is cause and effect.    
  Who are the audiences? To answer this question according to the article I conclude that a wide range of people can be its audiences. As a mother who lost her son in the war, a child who lost his father in the war, a business man who trades, an educated and educated person and so on could be audiences.
  This is a reality!   Everyone knows that what s going on in this part of the world and why a lot of countries involve to this war. So I am of the majority that accept this is not fiction, comedy and thriller: on the other hand this is the reality.

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