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Itt Homework Research Assignment Part 2 Essay

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1.What is the purpose of the global names zone in windows sever 2008 DNS servers? Global names zone is intended to aid the retirement of windows internet name service. It is not intended to support the single label name resolution of records that are dynamically registered in WINS.

2.Explain the modifications necessary to DNS for accommodating read only domain controllers (RODC). How is this different from the way DNS handles ordinary domain controllers? All of the modifications required for accommodating a read only domain controller is handled through the adprep/rodc prep step, which modifies the domain schema. A domain- integrated zone on a rodc will not accept dynamic updates. A file backed DNS zone on such a rodc would be able to accept dynamic updates, as it has a separate database from the domain database. Server 2008 allows a pc to not contain a DNS server, so putting on there is not required.

3. Explain background zone loading? The DNS server service in windows server 2008 retrieves zone data from active directory in the background after it starts so that it can respond to requests for data from other zones, when the service starts; it creates one or more threads of execution to load the zones that are stored in active directory. Because there are separate threads for loading the active directory based zones, the DNS server service can respond to queries while zone loading is in progress.

4. How does background zone loading promotes efficiency in the name resolution? Background loading will reduce the time need to start the DNS server service. The impact will probably only be noticeable for very large zones.

5. Explain how DNS has been modified to add support for IP version 6.how can DNS distinguish between an IP version 4 and IP version 6 host in determining which resource record to return?

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