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Jack And The Beanstalk Essay

  • Submitted by: gabby102
  • on February 18, 2012
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Jack and the Beanstalk
                      Mural with story

Once upon a time there lived a poor widow. She lived in a small house with her son jack. The family had a small cow, they waited until the cow was fully grown so they can sell it. One day the cow was fully grown, the mother sent Jack to sell it.
On his way to the market, the boy met curious stranger. The stranger offered, five magic beans for the boys’ cow.   Jack was unsure and hesitated, but then Jack thought an idea of such an extraordinary deal, he decided to accept his offer.
When Jake got home he told his mother what he got for selling the cow when she heard she was so furious and told Jack “You Fool! What have you done? We needed the money to buy a calf. Now we don’t have anything and we are even poorer.” Jack felt guilty of the decision he made. His mother said angrily “Only a fool would exchange a cow for five beans”.
Then, that evening at the height of the mothers’ exasperation, she didn’t even bother so she threw the five magic beans out of the window. She then sent Jack to bed without dinner.
The next morning, when Jack stepped outside he saw an incredible sight. A gigantic beanstalk reaching far into the clouds , had grown over night. He then knew realized the beans were actually magical. Being very curious Jack climbed the plant. Once he reached the top of the beanstalk, he realized he was over the clouds. While looking around with amazement. Jack saw a gigantic castle. “I wonder who lives in there” Jack said. Jack was surprised there was a path leading to the castle. “What are you doing here?” a thundering and loud voice asked. The biggest and tallest women he had ever seen was staring at him in an angry way. “ I am lost. May I have something to eat? I am very hungry.” Jack said in a mutter way. The giant women who had no children looked at him in a kindly. “Come in quickly I will give you a bowl of milk. But be careful because my husband, the giant, eats children. If you hear...

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