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Japanese Tea Ceremony and Ceramic Ware That Use in Ceremony Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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The Japanese tea ceremony is a lifestyle or rather a cultural ceremony, which entails a conventional preparation and serving of grounded green tea, commonly known as matcha.   In Japanese, the ceremony is usually referred to as chanoyu, and otemae is the name that describes the way in which this prominent event is performed. Accordingly, the Japanese tea ceremony originated from Zen Buddhism, an institution that teaches Mahayana Buddhism whose roots are in China, and has had a similar cultural tea ceremony from early 6th century.  
Importantly, the entire process of the tea ceremony is not about consuming tea, but it is about preparing a bowl of tea as an individual likes. Everything is arranged in an adorable manner; even the tea utensils are symmetrically placed.   Actually, beyond drinking tea, the event gives a ritualistic touch to every detail, and offer respect for artistry in the finest bits. Here, visitors in the ceremony experience the value of the harmonious and spiritualistic ritual and the lifestyle of the common Japanese facets.
The unique Japanese tea ceremony has had immense impacts in the creating a harmonious communication the visitor and the guest. This is because the event includes an intimate connection with art; paintings, ceramics, placements of flowers, calligraphy, Zen Buddhism and other sheer components that coexist in a composed interrelationship with the tea ceremony. More so, through the drinking of tea, the ceremony has had appreciable effects in giving immense spiritual satisfaction and contemplations in a relaxed way.

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