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Jean Anyon Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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Checking for Understanding
Jean Anyon’s study “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” describes the teaching method of four different social classes. Social Class is a broad group in society having common economic, cultural, or political status.   Anyon divides each schooling experience into four different categories: working class, middle class, affluent professional and executive elite schools. Each category has a different view of curriculum knowledge and different types of educational experiences.
The first two schools Anyon observed were described as working-class schools. The families income was $12,000 or below. Most of the children’s parents were unskilled or semi-skilled workers. Teachers wanted more control over the classroom and they did not promote creative thinking. Students were required to pursue a set method within the process of solving factors in the classroom. Students are not graded by the answer they provide but by the process of how they obtained the answer.   In working class schools, the teachers fight for dominance in the school’s setting. When the principals were asked about the history of the schools they lacked knowledge and were unable to provide this information. The teacher’s set low standards for students. For example in Anyon’s article a principal told a new teacher “Just do your best if they learn to add and subtract, that’s a bonus. If not don’t worry about it.”(Anyon, 7) A social studies fifth grade teacher told Anyon that she wrote notes on the board for the students to copy, Anyon asked the fifth grade teacher “Why,” the teachers responded, “Because the children in this school don’t know anything about the U.S, so you can’t teach them much” (Anyon, 7). Another teacher commented and said “You can’t teach these kids anything, their parents do not care about them, and they’re not interested. We keep them busy (Anyon, 7).”In other words these teachers do not believe these students can achieve. In working class...

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