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Jeff Buckley Essay

  • Submitted by: rachelblake1
  • on January 7, 2013
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Jeff Buckley – ‘Grace’
‘Grace’ comes from the album ‘Grace’ released in 1994.
A few other tracks from the album-
‘Hallelujah’, ‘Lilac Wine’, ‘Last Goodbye’ and ‘Eternal Life’
‘Grace’ is a rock Ballard – a song about love in a slow temp.
Introduction -Instrumental
Verse 1-Voice
Chorus-Voice – ‘wait in the fire’
Introduction Repeated
Verse 2-Voice
Chorus 2-Voice – ‘wait in the fire’
Bridge -Vocalisation
Introduction –Instrumentation
Verse 3-Voice
Instrumentation and Texture
  * Uses guitars, bass, synth, strings and drum kit.
  * The guitars use DROP D tuning
  * The guitars and drums play all the way through
  * The other instruments are used to add effects or to thicken the texture
  * The texture thins as the song goes on
Use of Technology
  * Modulation on the synthesiser at the start of the song
  * Distortion on the guitars, to intensify
  * Overdubbing on the guitar parts, which creates a thicker sound
  * Extra vocal parts in the bridge, produced by overdubbing
  * Equalisation in the final verse, which is used to lower frequencies of Buckley’s voice
Tonality and Harmony
  * The song is in Eminor, but the tonality is often ambiguous – eg: the into used the chord of D even though the key is Em
  * The harmony is unusual for a rock song because it doesn’t use standard chord progressions
  * Many chords are chromatic and move in parallel motion e.g. F – Em – Eb – in the chorus
  * Some of the harmonies are very dissonant.

Melody and Lyrics
  * The vocal part has a WIDE RANGE
  * It is improvised in places
  * Most of the vocal phrases fall – making it sound melancholy
  * There is frequent ornamentation in the melody
  * Buckley uses glissandos between notes
  * Most of the word setting is syllabic but there are some long melisma’s which emphasise certain words such as ‘love’ in the first verse and fire’ in the chorus
Word settings
  * In the bridge there is a passage of vocalisation (wordless...

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