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Jennifer Essay

  • Submitted by: monaghan2006
  • on January 7, 2013
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Cognitive   therapy   is   a   form   of   therapy   based   on   the   model   of   emotional   response   .This   is   to   say   that   our   thoughts   are   directly   connected   to   how   we   feel     and   is   therefore,   founded   on   the   assumption   that   our   thoughts   and   feelings   are   available   to   introspection.   Because   the   focus   of   psychological   problems   and   remedies   are   on   the   client’s   cognitions,   this   type   of   therapy   is   called   cognitive   therapy   (Beck,   A. 1976).   As   a   form   of   therapy,   cognitive   therapy   is   brief   and   directional,   focusing on   the   clients   thought   processes   above   and   below   the   level   of   awareness.       Due   to   the   limitation   of   the   scope   of   this   essay,   I   will   give   a   brief   overview   on   the   history   of   Cognitive   therapy,   its   goals   and   key   concepts,   the   process   and   the   therapeutic   relationship.     During   this   overview,   I   will   mention   some limitations of the therapy   around   the   role   of   the   therapeutic   relationship   in   the   process,   and   the   loss   of   experiential   learning   that   occurs   with   the   directional   aspect   of   the   therapy   and   the   education of   the   client   about   the   process   itself.
History   of   CBT
Cognitive   Therapy   was   developed   by   Aaron   T   Beck   as   a   result   of   his   research   on   depression.   He   was   born   in   Providence,   Rhode   Island   in   1921.   He   initially   practiced   as   a   neurologist   but   switched   to   psychiatry   during   his   residency.   While   attempting   to   validate   Freud’s   motivational   model   of   the   explanation   of   depression   as   self   directed   anger,   Beck   discovered   patients   were   conceiving   several   streams   of   thought,     simultaneously   ,   some   streams   automatically   and   just   below   the   conscious   level.     During   a   session     with   a   particularly   hostile   patient,   the   patient   disclosed   that   he   experienced   feelings   of   guilt   in   tandem   with,   and   as   a   result   of   feelings   of...

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